Your YouTube thumbnail can make or ruin your video. People still judge a book by its cover so no one will click your video if it looks uninteresting. The best YouTube thumbnail makers are:

  1. Canva: With Canva, you do not have to be a design expert to create eye-catching designs. There are plenty of thumbnail templates to choose from, and all you need to do is replace them with your images and texts. 
  2. Fotojet: It is a free online photo editor with lots of templates to choose from. There’s no need to register or download an app to use.
  3. PicMonkey: This is a photo editing and graphic design service that can be accessed on the web or through an app. It has a free trial and the option for a monthly or yearly subscription plan.
  4. Visme: Visme is a graphic design creator with a free and paid version. It has professionally designed templates and icons you can use to create great thumbnails.
  5. Snappa: This is a great subscription-based software to help you create beautifully designed thumbnails. It is beginner-friendly and you can get your thumbnails done in seconds.

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