Ranking YouTube videos on Google is not that difficult. But still, a proper strategy is required. This post will show you some important steps or tricks to rank YouTube videos on Google. All these steps are proven, and there isn’t anything hard.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

So, if you want to increase your YouTube Likes, shares, and subscribers by ranking videos on a search engine, this article will surely help you with that.

Table of Contents
- Keyword Research
- Channel Optimization
- Make a playlist
- Make an eye-catching video
- Make Attractive Thumbnails
- Socializing
- Ask people to subscribe and share your channel
- Collaborate with other channels
- Video length matters
- Content is King
10 Ways for Ranking YouTube Videos On Google

Keyword Research

The very first step to rank anything on the first page of Google is keyword research. It’s the foundation of all your ranking process. If you have not done the proper keyword research, there is very little chance of you ranking on the Google SERP. 

Because Google ranking is based on keywords, for that purpose, we suggest you use Ubersuggest (Freemium Keyword Research Tool).

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

It also tells the total monthly searches for a specific keyword. Like if you search on YouTube “How to,” YouTube will show a list of keywords with several options before and after “how to”. 

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

If YouTube is showing all those results, it means people are searching for these queries. 

So, first, you have to go through all related keyword options related to your YouTube video or channel. Then make a list and prioritize the most important ones from the list by checking their monthly search volume on Ubersuggest. Ultimately, your selected keywords will get maximum clicks and views.


Try to find keywords with low competition and high search volume.

Channel Optimization

You listen to SEO optimization all the time. Optimizing your video on YouTube is like that but requires a different technique. 

To optimize your video, you have to balance your Title, description according to your keywords. Put your keyword into your video title, which should be at least five words long. But do not put many keywords into it.

Just keep it reliable and to the point. After the Title, the next thing is your video description which is more important than the Title.

Because your video description gives you more space and words to use, you can describe your video and google bots can track related information through your description.


When writing a description, make sure to:
– Make it a least 250 words
– In the first 20 words, include your main keyword
– Use your keyword at least three to four times in the description
Just add related information to help YouTube and Google rank your video.

Make a Playlist

Playlists are probably the ideal approaches to get trusted traffic on your channel. Creating separate playlists for different kinds of videos will help viewers to find the complete content about specific keywords. 

Hence, this results in trusted traffic that attaches to your channel. The subscribers open the channel’s playlist whenever they need videos of the same genre. At this very time, keyword research comes into play. You must optimize your channel’s playlist.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

A playlist helps the user find related information in steps, and it keeps the user connected to your account.


Our strong suggestion is to use synonym keywords in every playlist. So that it will keep your videos optimized, add your keyword, the secondary keyword and the video name for that purpose. And you can further add related information into the descriptions of different videos on the playlist.

Make an Eye-Catching Video

Amazing video creation can help separate your video content from the crowd and allow it to stand out. However, the most important step in creating an eye-catching video is to create a high-quality video.

Here comes a question.

Why it’s important to make High-quality videos on YouTube?

Because of the screens we use to watch YouTube, video creation is also becoming more important. Most modern TVs come equipped with Wi-Fi and the YouTube application, allowing buyers to watch YouTube videos in full screen on their Big-screen HDTVs.

To make high-quality videos try to use professional equipment and video recording tools to record your video. After this, editing is the most important step in video creation.

If you are editing by yourself, you should select your best shots to attract audiences. It will assist your account and videos to grab viewer attention and automatically provide your account a ranking boost.

You have to know that to keep and build your audience; you need to take your videos to the next level.


You must know about current innovations, patterns, styles, and trends to make excellent high-quality content.

Make Attractive Thumbnails

Picking and planning the correct thumbnail on YouTube is significant. You can choose any pictures, shadings, text, or anything else you want as long as it’s within YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Because thumbnails are so important, it’s a good idea to test and plan them. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and selecting a good thumbnail can have a huge impact on your success.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

Because Google wants everybody to have a positive experience, it would like for their clients to look for a term, discover the video they’re searching for, click on them, and watch it for as long as possible.

So if your thumbnail is awful, not only a much smaller number of people will see your video, but it will truly hurt your ranking in YouTube’s search engine as well.

Choose an attractive and colorful thumbnail that provides information about the video and content inside of it.


Try to use blue, green, and other bright colors because the YouTube theme is a bit dark and shady. Colorful Thumbnails have positive impacts on the eyes and grab the attention of the viewer rather than dark or dull color thumbnails.


Internet is all about socializing, not in general but in digital terms.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

Make blogs, join Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to connect your channel and content. YouTube is a social channel, so to expand YouTube visibility and SEO, you need to share your videos on each channel accessible. 

Also, try to post your video on Quora. A platform used to get answers. 

You’re posting your video where individuals are frantic for information on a given point. 

So, individuals that watch your video will watch a decent amount of your video to assist them with answering their question.

You must share your YouTube channel videos on your Facebook page and other niche relevant groups. Facebook can drive huge traffic that will help you to get a better ranking on your targeted keywords.


People seem to be more connected on LinkedIn than on other web-based media sites. And if your video content rotates around business, that is more than good. Using video on LinkedIn is a reliable method to rank your organization’s channel or individual’s channel.

Sharing videos on social networking platforms can work wonders for you. According to recent Google updates, experts say that Google ranks content based on user and search intent.

If a user searches any query and the answer of this query is present on any social platform like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit. Then Google will show search results from these platforms.

So, you must share your video on these platforms with proper description and title.

Ask people to subscribe and share your channel

The subscription always works. If you want to get ranking on the first page of Google, you have to get more subscribers on YouTube. So, start working on it to attract more people and make them subscribe to your channel for future updates. Subscribing is serious on YouTube. It’s one of the main components of YouTube’s calculations that is used to rank videos. 

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

For YouTube, this is a monster factor that mirrors the measure of significant worth you’re given. YouTubers request viewers to like, share, and subscribe to their channel at the same time.


Request viewers to subscribe to your channel in the intro and outro of your YouTube videos.

Collaborate with other channels

Collaborate with other channels to get featured on someone else channel to attract their audience. It will give double exposure and visibility than your single channel. 

This thing is a little bit tactic, but it will be interesting for you if you do it right. Because you preferably need to collaborate with YouTube channels that supplement yet don’t rival your channel and you could wind up losing viewers to the next channel.

In this way, if you have a YouTube channel about food, discover a channel about drinks.

Length of Videos

The length of the video also impacts the ranking of YouTube videos on Google. If you search on YouTube about a “WordPress guide,” you will be amazed to see more than 1-hour videos on the top of the list. Lengthy videos provide higher watch time, and this is how you can also rank your video on Google.

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos On Google

It has become a pattern to make longer YouTube recordings. That is for one explanation, in particular, to expand watch time. Since watch time is the main positioning variable on YouTube, each creator wants the greatest slice of the pie for themselves. 

Make longer videos but don’t bore your audience. Keep their interest in your video as much as you can. 


Analyze your competitor videos’ length before making the video for your channel, as this will help you get an idea about what extra you can do.

Content is King

Last but not least, channel’s content. The single most important thing to rank you on the first page of Google is your content. The higher the quality of content, the higher the watch time.

Provide your audience with the best possible content you can give. Your content is based on all your Youtube SEO. So ensure that it is superior to everybody else’s.


Learn the need of your audience and then fulfill their need with your video. Study your audience’s likes and dislikes to improve your content. If your content is good, you have more chance to attract several audiences than your competitor. Try to compete and win through quality content because, in the end, “Content is king.”


YouTube isn’t only for super renowned geniuses. If you try hard to make videos that truly help people, you’ll watch the viewers come in. At that point, you can send that traffic to your site, or you can request that people subscribe, like, and comment. 

Using the tips mentioned above, you can easily rank your videos on both Google and YouTube in 2023.

You don’t need a huge financial plan to begin creating incredible videos.

Also, you can deliver a viral video using only your smartphone in your pocket and a free video editor available online. The best channels stand apart because they have something interesting to bring to the table.

If you have your very own interesting ideas, and if you are willing to go the additional mile to make videos that your audience love, you can turn out to be fruitful on YouTube, and you can get the top ranking on Google as well.


Being an entrepreneur since 2009, I decided to create TubePro to help other creators by providing valuable tools, resources, and useful content, so they could be successful with their businesses or personal brands on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform.

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