How much does YouTube pay? [2023]

From your favorite artists, makeup tutorial, “how-to” videos or one of many funny channels, some of these YouTube’s most-watched channels are making money – a lot of it. So, let’s see exactly how much are these YouTube channels making?

Table of Contents
- How much does YouTube pay per view?
- How much does YouTube pay for every 1000 views?
- How many views do YouTubers need to get paid?

How much does YouTube pay per view?

According to multiple sources, YouTubers can make somewhere between $0.003 to $0.008 per view with AdSense, with an average of $0.005 per view.

However, the amount of money you should get from YouTube Partner Program through AdSense, depends on some factors, which include:

  • Your video views
  • Ad clicks
  • Ad quality
  • Adblockers
  • Video length

How much does YouTube pay for every 1000 views?

If we take in consideration the average YouTube pay rate that’s $0.005 per view, a YouTuber can make around $5 per 1,000 views. For an example, if your channel is getting about 100,000 views per month, you will get around $500 per month of income. Scaling it to 1,000,000 (million) views per month, you would get $5000 per month. A very decent income, am I right?

So, with that being said, having a YouTube channel can be a great source of income, especially if you create engaging content that educates people, or help them somehow, giving you a large audience.

However, to get to this point is not always easy, but with the right guidance, you can get there.

How many views do YouTubers need to get paid?

For you to get paid through YouTube (Adsense), first you need to reach a balance of $100, however before entering the YouTube Partner Program, you need to be accepted with the following requirements:

  • Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers
  • Get 4000 hours of valid public watch time in the past 12 months
  • Your channel must follow the terms and conditions of YouTube
  • Your channel is reviewed after the previous three points

Once you are approved in the YouTube Partner Program, you will be able to start making money through YouTube ads that are placed in your videos.

It’s important to note that Google will take around 30 to 40% of the revenue when displaying ads with AdSense.


Making money on YouTube is getting serious for the ones who didn’t believe it in the past.

Leveraging the power of YouTube videos and video marketing, is one of the best things of the 21st century.

There are many ways of making money with YouTube besides AdSense, which thousands of channels are using and earning a great amount of income.

Have you started your channel already?

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