Is VidIQ Safe? [Complete Review 2022]

As content creation becomes a considerable line of work, more people are trying their luck making online videos to gain followers and eventually make a living. Since more people are getting into content creations, there have been various tools made by startups who aim to help aspiring creators find the best topics to make videos about. Being VidIQ one of those tools, the question remains, is VidIQ safe?

Is VidIQ Safe? Complete Review 2021
Table of Contents
- Is VidIQ safe?
- What is VidIQ?
- VidIQ Features
   - Daily Ideas
   - Keyword Tools
   - Competitors Research
   - Thumbnail Generator
   - Trend Alert
- How can you grow your YouTube channel with VidIQ?
- Is your Data Safe with VidIQ?

Among those many tools, VidIQ is one of them.

VidIQ offers an analytic tool that can help content creators find the most looked-up topics for a video. The goal of VidIQ is to eventually help creators make videos that get more views and engagement.

But because VidIQ uses YouTube account synchronization to provide suggestions, many questions have been asked about its safety.

Is VidIQ safe?

Is VidIQ Safe? Complete Review 2021

Despite the many questions asked concerning the safety and security of VidIQ, it is a YouTube-certified tool that adheres to the YouTube Terms of Service (TOS).

So, in other words: Yes, VidIQ is safe to use for YouTube.

There are two things that can vouch for VidIQ’s safety:

YouTube Certification

As mentioned earlier, VidIQ has proven that their tools align with YouTube’s Terms of Service – and therefore, they get the YouTube certification label.

VidIQ also uses the official Application Programming Interface (API) provided by YouTube. It means that all the features available on VidIQ now are based on those available in the source code for YouTube.

Creators and Brands Testimonials

While the questions about VidIQ’s safety are undoubtedly valid ones, there’s no denying that their analytic tools are secure and trusted.

Creators and well-known figures like Mark Cuban, Evan Carmichael, Chad Wild Clay have used VidIQ to grow their YouTube channels.

There are also creators from brands like Aol, Red Bull, Turkish Airlines, eBay, and Time Inc. who have been using VidIQ’s analytics and research tools to grow the company’s channels.

VidIQ - Free insights to grow your YouTube channel
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What is VidIQ?

Is VidIQ Safe? Complete Review 2021

VidIQ is an analytic tool designed to help creators optimize their YouTube channels to get more views and subscribers. It boasts A.I.-assisted keyword research that allows creators to save tons of time discovering new content ideas and focus more on making the videos.

You can use VidIQ’s analytics in two ways: through their web app or with a browser extension. Aside from the tool, VidIQ also supports its users with various tutorials and insightful tips on their VidIQ academy and blog.

While it is by no means a magic tool that can instantly grow your YouTube channel, VidIQ can provide useful assistance throughout the topic research and planning process.

There’s also a feature that allows you to analyze other channels to find relevant and potential topics to cover in your channel.

VidIQ Features

VidIQ offers a suite of tools that can help you do different actions in growing your YouTube channels. Here are several features that VidIQ offers its users:

Daily Ideas

The Daily Ideas feature offers an AI-assisted ideation process to help you find the most relevant topic with the highest opportunity for success. The ideation is personalized to each user, so you don’t have to worry about the ideas not matching your channel’s niche.

VidIQ promotes the Daily Ideas feature as an AI co-pilot in growing a YouTube channel. Their crawler robots find new ideas by analyzing multiple channels in the same niche as yours – and that’s how it can deliver relevant topics.

Keyword Tools

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – just behind Google. In other words, people look up all kinds of things on YouTube just as you would on Google.

VidIQ has developed a research tool that can help you find the most relevant and potential keywords to tackle – allowing you to make content that many people are looking up on YouTube.

You can analyze specific keywords based on the average video view, search volume, competition score, and the top creator for that particular topic. By knowing which keywords are good and bad, you can plan out your content more effectively and generate more views.

Competitors Research

You can add several other YouTube channels as your competitors on VidIQ’s tool. The competitor research feature allows you to export the top-performing keywords for other channel’s videos. This feature allows you to get a better insight into how different channels are getting their views.

You can also access the competitor research feature from the chrome extension, so you can easily take a glance at how your competitors are performing without logging into the web app.

Thumbnail Generator

Since thumbnails play an essential role in generating views, VidIQ’s generator can be helpful if you want a quick way to make an enticing thumbnail image.

You’ll get access to a custom image editor that allows you to add some graphics, modify fonts, add text, and make other adjustments to your thumbnail. While it’s not the best photo editing tool out there, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Trend Alert

With VidIQ’s chrome extension, you can set up an alert that lets you know about rising trends and videos on YouTube. The trend alert uses keywords, competitors, and view thresholds to notify you about topics that are gaining traction.

You can also set up the frequency of the alert to daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also set up a category filter to only track the trends from a specific niche.

How can you grow your YouTube channel with VidIQ?

There are many ways you can grow your YouTube channel with VidIQ.

Let’s talk about some of them:

Exploring potential keywords

You can use the VidIQ keyword research tool to find unique queries with enough search volume and reasonable competition. The Keyword Score metric that you can find in VidIQ’s tool is super helpful in finding a relevant topic to get more views.

VidIQ’s keyword analytic tool allows you to find several metrics related to a keyword or key phrase.

But these are the main numbers you should focus on:

  • Average views: this number represents the average view count among videos ranking for the keyword.
  • Average subscribers: the average number of subscribers among channels with videos ranking for the keyword.
  • Search volume: the estimated frequency of people looking up the keyword on YouTube based on VidIQ’s database.
  • Competition score: how easy or difficult it is to get your video to rank on the keyword. The higher the competition score is, the more effort it’ll take to rank for the keyword.

Generally, you should find a keyword with a high search volume but a low competition score. But the typical case is higher search volume means higher competition score.

Analyze other channels

The competitor’s audit tool from VidIQ is also quite useful to find out what topics are driving views to other channels. You can start closing the keyword gap and take some of those views into your channel by knowing this information.

While this is a nifty tool, you shouldn’t expect too much detail from this tool. The primary thing you can get from VidIQ’s competitor research tool is a list of keywords that your competitor’s channels are ranking for.

You can filter the relevant keywords by time, views, views per hour, and date uploaded.

Use this information to plan out your future videos. There are generally two ways you can go after analyzing your competitors:

  • Compete by making videos on the same topics.
  • Avoid making the same videos to get a different group of views all to yourself.

Either way, the results largely depend on the quality of your content. Once you decide which direction you want to go, always make sure to craft an enticing title and thumbnail to attract people’s attention to your video.

Set up trends alert

In the world of digital content, there are always trending topics that can generate millions of views in a matter of hours.

The key to winning over those views is getting in on the hype train early on – before everyone else makes videos on the same topic. Setting up trends alerts on VidIQ can be an excellent way to get early insight into YouTube’s trending topics.

VidIQ’s trend alert isn’t a bad tool, but they don’t have the largest database. You should compliment your VidIQ’s alert with a Google Trend alert – which has the most extensive database in the entire world.

If you can analyze the trends from both tools, you can easily find a potential keyword that will generate some juicy views and subscribers for your channel.

Is your Data Safe with VidIQ?

While there’s no guarantee that VidIQ has top-notch data security protocols in place, there hasn’t been any data or information leak issue with the platform. But like any other internet-based service out there, you’ll be exposing some personal information when you sign up for an account.

If you’re not too concerned about data privacy and some information about your channels being stored in VidIQ’s database, VidIQ is a fantastic tool to get technical insights that can help you grow your YouTube channel.

VidIQ - Free insights to grow your YouTube channel
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VidIQ is a YouTube-certified tool that adheres to the video-sharing platform’s Terms of Service (TOS). In other words, VidIQ is safe to use as long as you’re okay with sharing some data about your YouTube channel and a bit of personal information.

It offers plenty of nifty features that you can use to make better content plans and grow your YouTube channel. But keep in mind that it’s not a magic tool that does everything for you – so always strive to make high-quality content to go along with your keyword research.

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