Finding a niche for blogging can be difficult, but finding the best niche for blogging with low competition it’s even harder. But we did it. We actually found 15 untapped niches that almost no one is talking about.

Best Niches for Blogging with Low Competition
- 15 Best Niches for Blogging with Low Competition
- What blog niche is most profitable?
- Where can I find low competition niches?
- Which blogging niche is best for beginners?
- How to start a blog?
- How to check for competitors?
- Where to find keywords and topics to write about?
- Which site to use for a blog?
- Where to market your blog?

15 Best Niches for Blogging with Low Competition

Home Office Setups

Times have changed, and so has the way we work. Nowadays more and more people work from home and need a suitable space to do so, such as an office at home. So starting a blog about Home Office Setups is an idea yet to be explored.

College Prep

Every year, millions of teenagers begin their college stage. If you are an expert in some field, then why not share your experience with those who want to pursue the same field as you.

Prefab Homes

Prefabricated houses have been around for some time, but in recent years they have gained ground in relation to more “normal” constructions. Being an emerging market, you should invest in a blog about prefab houses. We prepared a Done-For-You Blog Niche Idea of Prefabricated Houses, with more than 250K monthly volume traffic keywords. You just need to start your blog, and that’s it.

Camper Van Life

Like prefab houses, camper vans have been around for a long time, but with changing times, people have tended to want to spend more time in nature, and these vans help a lot with that. If it’s a passion of yours, or you have the slightest interest, why not start a blog about traveling on wheels?

Home Gym Fitness

As with the Home Office, people who tend to work from home usually want their own space to practice a little fitness. That’s where the Home Gym comes in. Thousands of sports stores have sold out their items because people have bought a lot to exercise at home, but not everyone has the idea of how to do their exercises or how to define the space for them. A Home Gym blog would be the most valuable asset in this department.

In this niche, we also prepared a Done-For-You Blog Niche Idea of Home Gym, with more than 250K monthly volume traffic keywords. You just need to start your blog, and that’s it.

Renewable Energy

We all know the problems that the planet is going through when it comes to climate change. In this way, informing people about renewable energies and how to use them to improve our daily lives and that of the planet would be an excellent idea for a blog.

Smart Home

With the advancement of technology, comes the desire to extend this technology to our homes. Although not yet fully standardized globally, more and more new homes already have smart digital systems built in. But what about those houses that don’t? Well, that’s where your new blog about Smart Home devices, for instance, comes in. Those who want to convert their home will look for your blog and figure out what kind of devices to buy.


If you have a Facebook account, then most likely you know what Metaverse is, as Facebook changed its name to Meta. Well, the Metaverse is a virtual reality, where apparently new destinations for businesses and homes will be created. Starting a Metaverse blog now could be profitable in the future.

AR Tech

Along with the sophistication of smartphones, AR technology has also evolved, allowing users to see 3D objects around them, in augmented reality (AR). This being a relatively recent area, it’s always a good bet to start a blog.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are definitely here to stay. This time, mostly because of climate change, let’s say, but with this boom it’s always a good opportunity to start thinking about creating a blog about this new paradigm in the automotive industry.


If you know what cryptocurrencies are, then you most likely know what NFT’s are. Acronym for Non-Fungible Tokes, NFT’s can be associated with encrypted images that due to their rarity (some), can be worth a lot of money (in cryptocurrencies mainly). As this is an emerging market, it is always interesting and promising to create a blog on this topic.

Life Hacks

As general as this topic may be, there is always something in our lives that we do differently than other people. If you have a practical way of living in which you can overcome every obstacle in front of you, why not share it with your target audience, creating a blog about the hacks that helped you evolve and be more practical on a daily basis.


With the evolution of technology and the world of photography, drones emerged. These small machines capable of capturing incredible images in hard-to-reach places, drones are here to stay. New and better models come out every year. If you have a passion for photography, then the drone niche is for you.

Work From Home

With the current paradigm shift, millions of people have decided to start working from home, whether to become freelancers or even start their own company. If you were one of them, and you want to share your experience, then know that there are many people who would like to read about it and learn from you.

Vegetable Garden

Climate change, inflation and all that, more and more people want to grow their own food. Why not learn and help more people by creating a blog about gardens and how to grow your own food? I am already hungry.

What blog niche is most profitable?

If we look at the past and trends, we must say that the most profitable niche blog will be the one that will reach the largest possible audience. Because this way, your blog will be seen by thousands of people every month and that will help you to have a pretty good income.

If I had to choose a niche blog right now, it would be these three:

Where can I find low competition niches?

Finding low competition niches is never easy. It always takes a lot of research, patience and knowing where to look.

My advice is very simple. If you are just starting your blog, then don’t spend money buying subscriptions to keyword research apps. Wait until you start getting some income from your blog, and then use them. However, you can use free tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, or Ahrefs Free Keyword Tool, or even the free trial of SemRush.

Believe that these tools help a lot initially. Nor can we leave out the simple Google search engine, which when we write a word, will give us a few suggestions for more keywords.

You can also find more blog niche ideas here.

Which blogging niche is best for beginners?

In a quick answer, any blogging niche is good for beginners. We all have to start somewhere, and we’ve all been beginners. But the best way to get started is just that, get started! And the most important. That first blog post is always the one that costs the most, but after the first one, more comes, and then the fun part begins.

You should start with the niche that you most identify with, or even like the most. This will help you and make the process easier.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is relatively easy. All you need is a computer and internet connection. Otherwise, if you already have writing skills, even better. Otherwise, you can always hire a freelancer to do it for you.

There are online platforms that allow you to get a website with an embedded blog, where you just have to create your articles and publish them.

How to check for competitors?

A very simple way to find out about your competitors is to search for the keywords you are thinking of using, and see what results appear. Your competitors will be those websites that appear in the first results.

Another way to discover your competitors is to use the SemRush tool. You can use your free trial, and enter the link to your website, and you will have an option that will show you who your direct competitors are, in relation to the amount of keywords your website currently has.

Where to find keywords and topics to write about?

This issue is related to finding low competition niches. In the same way that you can find niches, you also find keywords related to the topic/niche.

One of the free tools I use is simply Google search. Anything related to my niche, I then Google it, and add letters to see what suggestions come up. In this way, I start to go deeper until I find themes that seem suitable. Along with other tools to understand what kind of difficulty keywords have, and their volume, you have topics to explore.

Which site to use for a blog?

Me and thousands of bloggers share the same opinion, WordPress is undoubtedly the best option for anyone who wants to start a blog. It has all the necessary tools to create a website at the level of the best, and sometimes you don’t even have to spend as much money as you think. Because if we are starting a blog, or even a business, we don’t want to spend much or no money at all.

Therefore, I recommend WordPress. You should try it.

Where to market your blog?

Where to market your blog always depends on your niche. But from my own experience, social media is always the first step.

There are several ways to do this, such as publishing every day, and waiting for an organic number of people to start visiting your blog, or even using advertising to do so (but then you will start spending money, unless don’t care).

The organic way always takes time, and that’s when people get discouraged and lose their rhythm and stop posting on their social channels. But it’s very important to keep doing it, even if it’s two to three times a week.

I recommend YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. These are the main social networks that you should always have a profile for people to visit and get to know you better.