How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad [Step-by-Step]

In iOS 9.1, the first-generation iPad Pro received a new multitasking feature called Split View, which is still included in iPad OS 16.2.

This tutorial explains how to get rid of split screens on iPad. We will walk you through the steps to close the split screen on an iPad and return to using a single app window. Let’s get started!

How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad [Step-by-Step]

On your iPad, you can concurrently access two different apps using Split View. Many iPad owners, however, have begun to lament the day they updated to iOS 15. They will do anything to get rid of the new split screen feature since they detest it.

On the iPad, Split View is enabled by default, and many users unintentionally end up with a split screen, especially in the Safari app.

How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad

To begin with, it’s important to be aware that there were previously two ways to end split screen on an iPad: either disable split screen in the device’s settings or simply close split-screen for the app or applications you’re now using.

With iPad OS 15, you can no longer disable the split screen entirely to turn it off, thus the only option is to simply close it. We can only presume that Apple’s developers believed it wouldn’t be as simple to unintentionally access Split View given the latest makeover of Multitasking.

By simply sliding the divider bar in the direction of the app you wish to close, you can reverse the split screen on an iPad, if you mistakenly entered split view and are having trouble getting it to stop interfering with your layout and making your app windows smaller.

Let’s now get into how to implement these simple fixes so that you can return to viewing your apps at their original size.

Step 1

Tap the grey controller in the black divider bar, then move it to the iPad’s left or right edge when in Split View.

How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad

Step 2

Which half of the screen is closed and which is left open depends on which way the divider is slid.

When you exit iPad split screen, the smaller window will close, but the larger window will stay open as a full-size app window.

How to Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad

Step 3

Release when the screen divider is mostly across it.


This is a quick and easy method for closing the split-screen on an iPad. On iPads running iOS 15 and later, there isn’t presently a way to disable the split-screen function.

Depending on which app you wish to close, push the split-screen bar all the way to the left or right to end Split View.

Keep an eye out for the three dots at the top of your app windows to prevent future iPad split screens. Accidental window resizing and positioning will result when dragging this icon.

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