Shipping to Amazon FBA: Rapid Express Freight (Complete Guide)

Amazon’s FBA service is a convenient way to deliver your products to your customers. However, Amazon does not provide delivery to their own fulfillment centers; so, it is important to find a good freight contracting company that can do it for you.

Rapid Express Freight

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Rapid Express Freight is one such company that provides some of the most comprehensive shipping services to Amazon in the industry at low rates. 

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Amazon FBA: Shipping Rapid Express Freight
Table of Contents
- What is Rapid Express Freight?
   - How to start shipping with Rapid Express Freight?
   - Benefits of FBA shipping Rapid Express Freight
   - What Is Amazon FBA?
   - Why choosing express freight to Amazon fulfillment centers?
      - Carriers or Freight forwarders?
   - How much does Rapid Express Freight cost?
   - Who pays for FBA shipping service costs?
   - How Is Rapid Express Freight delivering your products?
   - How Is shipping to FBA Rapid Express Freight helpful?
   - How and why is Amazon FBA linked with Rapid Express
- How to expedite shipping on Amazon
   - Which express forwarder to choose for Amazon?
   - Freight broker laws and regulations
   - Import tax and custom clearance
- Best Amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers to send items to
   - What are Amazon fulfillment centers?
   - Why is it important for sellers to ship fast to Amazon

What Is Rapid Express Freight?

Rapid Express Freight is a non-Amazon company but often delivers freight shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Amazon is a marketplace full of sellers who often don’t have the resources to deliver loads of products or packages to their customers themselves. However, Amazon does provide a service where they package and deliver such products for the seller to the buyer.

But, sellers are still responsible for delivering their products to Amazon fulfillment centers. That is where Rapid Express Freight comes in.

Rapid Express Freight will handle all the logistics and transportation on the seller’s behalf to deliver their products to Amazon fulfillment centers.

On top of that, Rapid Express Freight can ship products to Amazon fulfillment centers across the world for those who have international buyers.

In other words, Rapid Express Freight has become a way for sellers to deliver their products to Amazon fulfillment centers across the globe in a timely manner.

How to Start Shipping with Rapid Express Freight?

If you want to start shipping your products via Rapid Express Freight, then there are four steps that you need to follow:

1. Prepare Your Products for Shipment

First, you will need to determine the best way to ship your product. The most common method is via a pallet, but you can also use drums, bags, boxes, rolls, crates, bundles, reels, and more.

When using a pallet, you should secure your load via shrink wrap and then use plastic or metal strapping to further secure the load.

2. Make Sure to Label Your Shipment

Labeling is critical to ensure that your shipment does not meet any delays. If you just put one shipping label on your shipment, then it is possible that the label could get lost or go unnoticed. So, make sure to put labels on all sides of your shipment as well as each item within the shipment to protect against theft.

3. Fill Out the Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is a contract between you and the carrier. It outlines what is being shipped, who the carrier is, and what freight class your shipment is in.

Rapid Express Freight makes this process easy by offering to prepare the bill of lading for no additional cost.

4. Call Rapid Express Freight for Pickup

Lastly, you just have to call Rapid Express Freight for pickup. You’ll need to let them know the number of pallets (or other shipping method) you have, the gross weight, and the ready and close time for pickup.

Benefits of FBA Shipping Rapid Express Freight

FBA shipping Rapid Express Freight has many benefits, but the three main ones include:

  • Dependable Fast and Safe Delivery—Amazon buyers are given a timeline of when their package will arrive. Because of this, if the package does not arrive on time, then the seller’s business can be hurt due to negative reviews. But, Rapid Express Freight shipping ensures fast and secure shipping so that packages arrive on time.
  • Logistical Efficiency—Rapid Express Freight has a vast and global database of warehouses, clients, and other important shipping information. Because of this, their shipping logistics have been known to be the best. As a result, they are able to deliver packages with surprising speed.
  • Tracking Capabilities—Knowing where your package is in the shipping process is important to ensure that it is on schedule and is not lost. So, Rapid Express Freight provides state-of-the-art tracking so that you can monitor your package throughout its journey.

Overall, with Rapid Express Freight, you can expect safe and fast shipping across the globe.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that will package and ship products to buyers. Sellers can use FBA as their packaging and distribution center.

On top of that, many sellers may not have the storage space to store their products. But, by using FBA, all their products can be stored at Amazon warehouses.

Amazon will also take care of any returns and exchanges and provide customer support and communication.

In other words, the seller will simply become responsible for ensuring that Amazon fulfillment centers are well-stocked with their products. After that, Amazon will handle the rest.

Why Choose Rapid Express Freight to Amazon Fulfillment Centers?

Amazon has strict regulations and guidelines on how a product should be packaged and shipped. Because Rapid Express Freight has a long and positive history of delivering to Amazon Fulfillment Centers, you can be sure that they will follow all of Amazon’s guidelines.

Furthermore, due to Rapid Express Freight’s great logistics and database, they are able to quickly and efficiently ship packages to Amazon fulfillment centers. This helps bring down costs and you can also ensure that your packages remain secure and arrive on time.

Rapid Express Freight also makes it easy when it comes to using their shipping services more than once. They store all your data to make doing business with them a lot simpler and quicker.

Carriers or Freight Forwarders?

Rapid Express Freight is a freight forwarder company, meaning that they handle all the logistics but use other companies to physically transport a package from one place to another.

Because of Rapid Express Freight’s global reach, it is able to negotiate with carriers to provide some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

They choose carriers based on your shipment needs which include, destination, package value, package size, and more. Then they set up the right carriers at discounted rates to send your package through.

How Much Does Rapid Express Freight Cost?

Rapid Express Freight will charge on a per-shipment base. After understanding the product’s value, package size, and more, they will provide you with a quote on how much the shipment will cost.

Because they are a global freight contracting company, they are able to negotiate down to some of the lowest rates in the industry. So, their overall cost is often the most affordable in the industry.

Rapid Express Freight does offer free quotes and all you have to do is fill out a form with some basic information such as the pickup and drop-off location, weight of the shipment, pickup instructions, etc.

Who Pays for FBA Shipping Service Costs?

Ultimately, the customer pays for the FBA shipping service costs, but such costs are included in the product price.

Behind the scenes, the sellers are responsible for paying for FBA shipping service costs and fees. Shipping in bulk is always ideal to bring down costs. But, there is an option to send smaller packages. To ship a smaller package in-country, the costs will come to around $8.

How Is Rapid Express Freight Delivering Your Products?

Depending on where and how far your shipment needs to go, Rapid Express Freight can employ a variety of transportation methods such as shipping by:

  • Truck
  • Train
  • Boat
  • Air

Rapid Express Freight will use different delivery services such as FedEx and UPS to deliver your products. They are able to negotiate discounts with such companies and ensure they adhere to certain timelines.

If your package needs to be delivered over a long distance, then Rapid Express Freight may use multiple different carriers and shipping methods to get your package to its intended destination quickly and at affordable rates.

How Is Shipping to FBA Rapid Express Freight Helpful?

There are five main reasons why shipping to FBA rapid express freight is helpful:

  1. Fast and Reliabilable—Rapid Express Freight is a trusted and reliable freight contractor company. Because of their great logistical ability, packages will consistently be delivered on time.
  2. Affordable—Rapid Express Freight is able to provide discounted rates as well as efficient shipping methods. Because of this, they are a cost-effective solution.
  3. Great IT Support Team—Rapid Express Freight has a 24/7 support team to help you with any issues you are experiencing.
  4. Secure Packaging—Rapid Express Freight ensures that your packages are protected by, for example, adding extra padding or waterproofing the package.
  5. Uses Multiple Modes of Transport—Rapid Express Freight uses multiple modes of transport to deliver your package in the most efficient and timely manner.

How and Why Is Amazon FBA Linked with Rapid Express Freight?

Because Amazon doesn’t provide shipping services to their fulfillment centers, they need to partner up with other companies to fulfill that service.

Rapid Express Freight is one of Amazon’s top freight contractors because they can provide a comprehensive and streamlined service.

On top of that, Rapid Express Freight has a lot of experience working with Amazon and therefore know how to follow all of their regulations and prepare packages according to their specifications.

How to Expedite Shipping on Amazon

It is not very difficult to expedite your shipping on Amazon. All you have to do is select an expedited shipping time frame and pay an additional fee.

While it is not always possible to expedite a shipment in a certain time frame, you will receive a dedicated courier who will deliver your package at a designated time even during bad weather conditions.

Which Express Forwarder to Choose for Amazon?

When choosing an express forwarder, you’ll want to first consider how far your package needs to travel.

For example, if your package needs to travel across the country but you choose an express forwarder that only deals with freight truck shipping, then you can expect to have a longer and more expensive delivery time than if you chose one that deals with air shipments.

That is one of the reasons why Rapid Express Freight is a prime choice as they employ multiple modes of transportation.

Freight Broker Laws and Regulations

Freight brokers have to adhere to many laws and regulations such as keeping detailed and correct records, transporting special packages according to the law of the land, and not misrepresenting themselves as the actual carrier.

Import Tax and Custom Clearance

There are taxes and regulations that must be followed for importing and exporting items in and out of the country. This is something that freight forwarding agents have to arrange in order to deliver your packages to another country.

Best Amazon Warehouses or Fulfillment Centers to Send Items To

Considering the many different Amazon fulfillment center locations, it can be difficult to know which one you should send your products to.

Ultimately, it comes down to where the majority of your customers are located. By sending your products to the fulfillment center where most of your customers live, will help ensure fast delivery.

So, for example, if most of your customers are in New York City, then the best fulfillment center is the one that is located closest or in New York City.

What Are Amazon Fulfillment Centers?

Amazon fulfillment centers are large warehouses that store products that can then be shipped out to customers once they are ordered. These centers handle the packaging and shipping operations of the business and store inventory from both Amazon and third-party sellers.

There are many Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the U.S. as well as other countries—mainly in Europe. So, once you know the approximate location of where you want your products to be sent to, you can search for local fulfillment centers in the area.

Why Is It Important for Sellers to Ship Fast to Amazon Warehouses?

Keeping your products in stock and ready to be sent out is critical if you want your business to succeed. So, by using fast shipping to Amazon warehouses, you can better ensure that your product never runs out of stock on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

All in all, in order to use Amazon’s FBA services, you need to find a good freight contracting company. Rapid Express Freight is one of the best there is and can provide affordable and fast shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers.

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