One of the hardest things about YouTube is having a significant audience. That’s why we decided to create a quick guide and demonstrate the easiest ways to grow a YouTube audience.

Table of Contents
- Grow an Audience on YouTube
   - Planned Content
   - Call-to-Action
   - Custom Links
   - Interlinking
   - Channel Trailer

Grow an Audience on YouTube

Planned Content

Planned content - Grow an Audience on YouTube

The first step is to plan the content you are going to publish. When planning our content, we can, from the beginning, have a small idea of what kind of audience we will be able to reach.

In this way, we can increasingly create quality content, and thus, your channel’s viewers will have the perception that your videos have quality and were well planned.

Having quality views will allow you to have more watch time, and thus the YouTube algorithm will begin to suggest your videos to an ever-growing audience, which is ideal for your channel.


call to action - Grow an Audience on YouTube

A call-to-action on YouTube is a way of getting your viewers to take action, preferably by subscribing, but this isn’t always possible, because more and more YouTubers are asking to subscribe in their videos, and that’s very annoying. for most people who watch videos.

So in this way, we want to be as subtle as possible. Why not include a suggested video, or playlist, within one of your videos? Give it a try, and if they continue to watch your videos, it will tell YouTube’s algorithm that people are watching your videos in a row, which will show that there is interest in them. And as we explained earlier, this will make them more suggested.

Another way to create call-to-actions is to put in the video description why your viewers will subscribe to your channel, and then include a link to your channel.

Don’t forget to include this line ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of the URL, which will allow anyone who clicks to be quickly asked if they want to subscribe to your channel.

Custom Links

custom links - Grow an Audience on YouTube

When it comes to custom links, one of the most important things we have to do is create links to other videos or playlists of yours on your YouTube channel.

Each of your videos, and each playlist, has its own links, and if you create a short list and add it to your videos’ description, then your viewers can see more of your content.

This will show the algorithm that your videos are of interest and will show them to an ever-increasing audience, hence the growth of your YouTube channel.


interlinking - Grow an Audience on YouTube

If you decide to grow an audience outside of YouTube, then this is where Interlinking comes in. But what does this mean?

Let’s see, I don’t advise this method unless you have at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube, but if you do then it’s likely that you want to grow your brand even more.

By this time you will have already created a website or blog related to your brand. So this way you can grow an audience outside of YouTube, like an email list, or even a Facebook group. Wherever you want.

Just make good use of the resources that YouTube makes available. On the main page of your channel, you can include links to any of these pages, be it your website, blog, even Facebook page or group, or Instagram profile.

Thus, you will be able to attract more subscribers to these sites, and grow an audience.

Channel Trailer

channel trailer - Grow an Audience on YouTube

A channel trailer is a video that starts when you access a specific YouTube channel.

It is generally advised that these trailers are no longer than 30 seconds, and preferably have a specific objective.

That aim is to tell people who have visited the channel, what the channel is for and what they will see. And it’s worth saying it quickly, because people in general have a very short span of attention.

Therefore it is recommended that you create a channel trailer that will help you tell your audience what kind of channel you have and what they can expect.


Being an entrepreneur since 2009, I decided to create TubePro to help other creators by providing valuable tools, resources, and useful content, so they could be successful with their businesses or personal brands on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform.

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