YouTube to MP3 Converter it’s a tool, whether online or as computer software, which aims to download and convert a YouTube video to an MP3 audio file.


YouTube to MP3 Converter

Usually it’s a very simple to use tool, where you just need to put the YouTube video URL, and download the MP3 file, depending on how each app works.

To learn how to use a MP3 converter, check this quick guide.

Once you converted and downloaded the MP3 file, you no longer need to have an internet connection, because these apps allow you to have the files to listen or watch in any compatible device with the MP3 format.

However, MP3 isn’t the only format you can convert your YouTube videos. Most of these tools allow to convert the YouTube videos into numerous formats, including MP3, MP4, WMV, AAC, and others.

But what’s the difference between an online MP3 converter and a desktop MP3 converter?

Online vs Desktop YouTube MP3 Converters

Online and Desktop YouTube MP3 Converters have their advantages and disadvantages. We know that most of these tools in online mode are basically free, while many in Desktop mode are paid.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of both:

Multiple Formats✔︎✔︎
Multi-Video/Playlist Download✔︎

As the majority of people choose an online converter, sometimes is best to go for a desktop version, because it can be a lot safer, however, some of these tool are paid.


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