Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC? [Solved]

Sometimes when we try to connect to YouTube through our PC we can receive the message that we are offline. Some users have been complaining that this has been happening over and over again.

Therefore, we have created this quick tutorial that will help you to get online again so that you can use YouTube.

Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC?

The reason why YouTube displays the message that you are offline on your PC could be simply because you are not connected to the Internet, meaning, that there is an easy fix. But if that’s not the case, there could be a more serious reason, and we should pay attention to what’s going on.

So let’s see why YouTube indicates that we are offline on the PC.

Reasons to be offline

Internet Connection

Internet Connection - Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC

You should start by checking that you are connected to the Internet. You can check your status where you usually connect to a network, on your PC. This tells you whether there is a correct connection or not.

Sometimes, this information is not correct, and the system says that we are connected to the Internet, but in fact, it does not transmit information, and we are offline, therefore, not able to access the YouTube website.

Therefore, it is advisable to check through your local Internet operator, if you have the service active. This might help you figure out if you’re offline or not.


Follow these steps to restore your Internet connection to YouTube on PC:

  • Turn your router off
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Turn it on again

This should restore your Internet connection.

If this fails, then try this:

  • Unplug the Internet cable (coaxial, RJ45, or fiber optic)
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Turn it on again
  • Restart PC


Adblocker - Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC

Sometimes when we are watching videos on YouTube, we use adblockers. These completely remove all ads, whether from videos or from web pages.

It is likely that these extensions are somehow blocking access to YouTube and then you get the message that you are offline.


These steps will help you restore your YouTube connection:

  • Turn your adblocker off
  • Close tab or window
  • Open new window


VPN - Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC

Similar to adblockers, VPN services can sometimes cause the internet connection to be interrupted for a while. If in fact, something is wrong, that connection should not be reset, because something is not properly defined.

VPN services use access to servers located elsewhere on the planet than yours, to allow “personalized” access, so to speak. So sometimes it is likely that this service does not always work in the best possible way, and you aren’t able to connect to YouTube and stay offline.


Follow these simple steps so you can access YouTube from your PC again:

  • Turn off your VPN service
  • Close tab or window
  • Restart PC
  • Open new window

Web Browsers

Web Browsers - Why does YouTube say I’m offline on PC

Sometimes as much as we look for the reason for the problem, we never find it, and it’s right in front of us. This is the case of the web browsers that we use every day. Be it Google Chrome, Mozzila, or any other, it is possible that these browsers need an update.

This simple factor can contribute to the fact that we are not able to successfully connect to YouTube, and in this way, we get the message that we are offline.


This simple step may help you reconnect to YouTube:

  • On the top right corner of your browser, you may find a red message to Update. If yes, click it.
  • Restart PC
  • Open new window

If this fails, then you should try:

  • Find your browser “Settings”
  • Search for “Updates”
  • When in Updates, click on the button to update browser
  • After completed, restart PC
  • Open new window

These are the solutions you should use to reconnect to YouTube via your PC.

Anyway, there are other methods available online, in different forums, that aim to modify DNS Servers, but I don’t recommend this, because you don’t know what settings you are changing, and it could jeopardize your Internet connection, on a permanent basis.

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