YouTube is an everyday solution for a majority of internet users, and it’s not going anywhere soon. You may be an avid YouTube video watcher, or just starting out by creating your new channel.

15 Types of YouTube Videos That Are Most Viewed in 2022
Table of Contents
- 15 Types of YouTube Videos That Are Most Viewed
   - Tutorials or How-To Videos
   - Product Reviews
   - Top List
   - Comedy Videos
   - Commentary Videos
   - Challenges
   - Reactions
   - Current Events
   - Gaming
   - Routine Videos
   - Documentary Series
   - Interviews/Podcasts 
   - Educational
   - Music Videos
   - Meditation Videos
- YouTube’s Trending Page
   - How it works

These 15 types of YouTube videos that are most viewed in 2023 are going to help you by either, watch some good content, or create one.

So let’s check out which ones are the most viewed.

15 Types of YouTube Videos That Are Most Viewed

most viewed youtube videos
Types of YouTube Videos That Are Most Viewed
Tutorials or How-To Videos
Product Reviews
Top List
Comedy Videos
Commentary Videos
Current Events
Routine Videos
Documentary Series
Music Videos
Meditation Videos

1. Tutorials or How-To Videos

Tutorial or How-To videos are the number one most viewed type of YouTube videos right now. These are typically educational videos that help the audience learn how to perform a specific task, or simply by instructing how to use a service or product.

2. Product Reviews

Next, we have the Product Reviews videos. With this one, the name says it all. Usually the video creator will have the specific product you (the one who is watching) searched for, and they will unbox and test it, to offer the viewer good feedback.

Unboxing videos are very popular, because for the consumers is to see the product and get a first impression, before making a purchasing choice.  

3. Top List

Top List videos or Listicles can be divided in some subcategories. But usually, a listicle video is where a list of things are presented to the viewer, like for instance, Top 10 Fastest Cars, or Top 5 Luxury Houses.

Listicles can be categorized as, Hauls, Best-of videos, Collections or Compilations.

4. Comedy Videos

Comedy YouTube videos have humorous elements that are used to entertain the audience that includes pranks, parodies and skits.

5. Commentary Videos

A Commentary YouTube video is when the creator shares their opinion or perspective about a specific topic, such as movie or book.

6. Challenges

Next we have Challenges videos, which are a type of video that has the potential to go viral, because usually the creator engages with the audience to be a part of the challenge. This can be for entertainment or to create awareness around a certain topic.

7. Reactions

Reactions videos says it all. These type of YouTube videos tend to capture the reaction of someone that is being filmed in a real-world moment. It’s driven by a strong or genuine emotion, which can make the video go viral.

8. Current Events

Current Events is a type of YouTube video that can be interpreted in at least two ways. Either by being a news video, or a video that follows a certain current trend. If it’s a news video, then we can assume that it comes from a News channel.

However, if it’s a video about a current trend, it can be a brand or creator, exploring and capitalizing on it.

9. Gaming

For the past decade, Gaming videos have become one of the most viewed type of videos on YouTube. According to YouTube’s statistics, around 100 billion hours of had been watched in 2020.

10. Routine Videos

A Routine video typically shows a YouTuber’s life, such as their morning or night routine, usually applying make-up, or doing exercise, coffee, breakfast, or other type of normal activities.

11. Documentary Series

A Documentary Series can be a limited video series created with a classic documentary style. It can vary from history, to crime, to sports, or topics being explored by the creators.

12. Interviews/Podcasts

An Interview or Podcast is a video between two people having a conversation, where they exchange questions and answers. Usually, the YouTube creator addresses specific topics that their audience finds interesting.

13. Educational

An Educational video is a YouTube video that normally provides current and correct information about a specific topic to their audience. YouTube has become one of the go-to sources when it comes to learn new skills, where a lot of established educational content is present.

14. Music Videos

Music videos on YouTube can be divided in two groups: videos that are made for popular songs, usually known as video clips, and the videos the music creators make, to promote their new songs. The first one is normally searched more often because people tend to listen to their favorite songs.

15. Meditation Videos

Lastly, Meditation videos had become a trend for several years, where YouTube creators make relaxing and calming videos to help people and viewers meditate, or simply relax by listening to calming sounds, like nature or smooth sounds.

YouTube’s Trending Page

When you visit the YouTube home page, you can click on the Trending tab, which will lead you to a list of trending videos depending on your location.

How it works

According to YouTube, the trending list of videos works by following some criteria. These can be:

  • Video views count
  • Where the views come from
  • How quickly the video is generating views
  • When the video was uploaded
  • Video performance compared to recent uploads from same channel

These criteria or metrics help the platform find and suggest better videos that will appeal to a wider audience.


YouTube trends are constantly changing. If you are a YouTube creator looking for channel ideas, then you need to act quickly, because on the internet, things move fast.

Always keep an eye on what’s new and generating a lot of views, as long as you believe in what you do, and add value to your audience.


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