7 Best Types of Meditation Music on YouTube in 2023

In this post I’ve put together the seven best types of meditation music available on YouTube right now.

Meditation Music

These days, people are searching for bits of relaxing time, and meditation music can be the answer. Especially if it’s within the reach of a click, like on YouTube for instance.

You can watch and listen to meditation music, relaxing music, sleep music, calm music and other types on YouTube for free. Yes, millions of people do it every day.

Check out the seven different types of meditation music that you can listen on YouTube.

Table of Contents
- Best Types of Meditation Music on YouTube
   - Meditation Music
   - Sleep Music
   - Relax Music
   - Calm Music
   - SPA Music
   - Sleep Hypnosis
   - Reiki Music
- What is Meditation Music?

Best Types of Meditation Music on YouTube

Meditation Music

In simple words, Meditation music is a type of music that it is specific to someone who is doing meditation, or wants to experience peace of mind, in which these sounds can help achieve such state.

Recommended channel: Soothing Relaxation

Sleep Music

Sleep music is a type of music or sounds that help a person to fall asleep calmly and have a relaxed night, listening to this type of music at the beginning of sleep, or even during.

Recommended channel:

Relax Music

Relax music it’s that kind of music or sounds that we hear when we want to relax, or when we’re on a terrace or in a cafe, or even when we’re taking a walk on the beach. In this way we can reach a much higher relaxing state.

Recommended channel: Outdoor Escape Relaxation

Calm Music

Calm music is generally used more by those looking to be focused on doing some task in a more relaxing way, such as working, studying or simply reading.

Recommended channel: TheSilentWatcher

SPA Music

As the name says, SPA music is that kind of relaxing music that we listen to when we are going to have a massage. In this way we can enjoy the moment better.

Recommended channel: Yellow Brick Cinema

Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis can be soft music that has some guided visual suggestions (in sound) putting you in an ideal environment for relaxation and deep sleep. 

Recommended channel: Michael Shelley

Reiki Music

Reiki music is a type of music that is usually used with other healing practices. This music is not necessarily a genre, but is instead a type of music that is either written or used with the purpose of creating a much greater sense of calmness and relaxation. Is often very calming, without harsh notes or sudden changes in sound.

Recommended channel: Nu Meditation Music

What is Meditation Music?

As stated above, Meditation music is a type of music that is used for anyone who wants to practice meditation in some way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific song, but calm music, or relaxing sounds, which can make the person reach a higher level of mental peace than normal. This type of music helps in the meditation process, and it’s completely safe.

It can vary from piano music, to relaxing music, or simply nature sounds, like water flowing or birds chirping.

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