The Best SD Card for Sony A7IV

Here you can find the five best SD cards you can buy for your Sony A7IV, but let me warn you of one important thing: here you will only find quality memory cards. Choose wisely.

The Best SD Card for Sony A7IV
Table of Contents
- Best SD Cards for Sony A7IV
   - Best SD card option for Sony A7IV
   - Type of Memory Card for Sony A7IV
- Things to consider when buying a SD card
   - Compatibility
   - Storage Capacity
   - Speed (Read, Write)
   - Brand

Best SD Cards for Sony A7IV

SD CardStorageFlash Memory TypeSpeed (Read)Speed (Write)For Sony A7IVPrice
Lexar 1667x128GBSDXC250 MB/s120 MB/sYes$36.99
SanDisk Extreme Pro128GBSDXC300 MB/s260 MB/sYes$149.99
Sony Tough M series128GBUHS II SD277 MB/s150 MB/sYes$69.99
Sony M series256GBSDXC277 MB/s150 MB/sYes$99.99
Kingston Canvas React Plus128GBSDXC300 MB/s260 MB/sYes$101.61

Best Choice

Sony M series

SONY M SD Card for Sony A7IV

Lexar 1667x

LEXAR SD Card for Sony A7IV

SanDisk Extreme Pro

SANDISK SD Card for Sony A7IV

Sony Tough M series

SONY SD Card for Sony A7IV

Kingston Canvas React Plus

KINGSTON SD Card for Sony A7IV

Best SD card option for Sony A7IV

After checking all the most important specifications, such as storage capacity and speed, given current prices, we can say that the most sensible choice of an SD card for the Sony A7IV will be the Sony M series 256GB. We chose this one as the best SD card because compared to the others, it has a greater storage capacity and slightly more speed, for an average price.

But if we want to save a little more money, the next option should definitely be the Lexar 1667x.

Type of Memory Card for Sony A7IV

The Sony A7IV camera has two available slots for memory cards. The cards should be of at least one of these types:

  • SD memory card
  • SDHC memory card (UHS-I/II compliant)
  • SDXC memory card (UHS-I/II compliant)
  • CFexpress Type A memory card

Things to consider when buying an SD card

There are a few aspects you should consider when you’re thinking of buying a new SD card. These are its compatibility, storage capacity, reading speed and writing speed, and overall, its brand. Let’s take a look at each one individually.


When it comes to compatibility, it is always important to first check which type of SD card our camera accepts. Sometimes there are cameras that don’t even have any expansion slots, and rely only on the camera’s internal memory. But this is increasingly rare, and almost all cameras come with a slot that allows you to add a memory card.

In this case, Sony A7IV supports only SD, SDHC (UHS-I/II compliant), SDXC (UHS-I/II compliant), CFexpress Type A cards.

In our five choices above, we only show compatible SD cards.

Storage Capacity 

Storage capacity might be the most important factor when you’re researching memory cards, isn’t it? Well, then that’s correct. What good is a memory card with little storage capacity, if after a short time we don’t have enough space to store our photos and videos? For this we would not need a memory card to expand the storage.

That’s why the more capacity the SD card has, the better. If you use your camera frequently, and take high resolution photos, my advice is to buy an SD card with at least 128GB. Now if by chance you also make videos, then you should think about a 256GB one.

Speed (Read, Write) 

The importance of speed on a memory card, in my opinion, will only be significant if you happen to have a large workflow. This means, if you are shooting a lot, or creating multiple videos, because in reality you will need a faster recording and reading than normal, to be able to work or enjoy your camera without any kind of delay or latency.

Generally, speeds are around 100 to 300 mb/s for reading, and 50 to 250 mb/s for writing. That’s why all the memory cards you search must be within the average speed.


When it comes to the brand, sometimes it is necessary to have some kind of attention. It is not always possible, but if we have the opportunity, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that we want to choose a SD card for our Sony A7IV from a reputable brand.

Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to buy that memory card that is much cheaper and has much more storage capacity, and when we start using it, we realize that its quality is not the best after all, and we have our photos and videos deleted from time to time (yes, it happens).

That’s why it’s always good to recognize a good brand, and that’s what we’re talking about. Good brands that make quality SD cards are Lexar, Sandisk, Sony, and Kingston.

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