How to Make Money on YouTube in 2024

Are you a budding YouTuber looking to turn your passion into a profitable venture? You’re in luck!

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2024

With the right strategies and monetization methods, you can make money on YouTube and turn your channel into a lucrative business. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various ways to monetize your YouTube channel and maximize your earning potential.

From joining the YouTube Partner Program to licensing your content and creating sponsored content, we’ll cover it all.

So let’s dive in and discover the secrets to making money on YouTube!

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the gateway to unlocking multiple revenue streams on the platform. While it’s not the only way to make money on YouTube, being a YouTube Partner makes it much easier to monetize your content. As a YouTube Partner, you gain access to special features and income streams such as ad revenue, YouTube Premium revenue, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, and Super Chat payments. Here’s how you can become a YouTube Partner:

  1. Start a YouTube channel: If you haven’t already, create a YouTube channel and upload compelling content that resonates with your target audience.
  2. Meet the YPP requirements: To join the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  3. Set up an AdSense account: Link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account to start earning ad revenue.
  4. Explore monetization features: Once you become a YouTube Partner, you can explore various monetization channels such as ad revenue, YouTube Premium revenue, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, and Super Chat payments.
  5. Submit to ongoing reviews: As a YouTube Partner, your channel will be held to a higher standard, so make sure to follow YouTube’s Partner Program policies and Community Guidelines.

Sell Your Own Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise is an excellent way to make money on YouTube while strengthening your connection with your audience. By creating unique and appealing merchandise, you can leverage your channel’s popularity and turn your fans into customers. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Imagine and design your product: Brainstorm ideas for merchandise that represents your brand and resonates with your audience. Engage your viewers by involving them in the decision-making process and asking for their input.
  • Source and/or build your product: Find a manufacturer, supplier, or wholesaler to produce and deliver your merchandise. Consider using print-on-demand services to handle inventory, shipping, and returns.
  • Create your online shop: Set up a separate website or use YouTube’s approved merchandise sites to handle purchases and showcase your products.
  • Enable the merchandise shelf: If you’re a YouTube Partner, you can enable the merchandise shelf feature to sell your channel’s merchandise directly on YouTube.
  • Promote your product in your videos: Wear or use your merch in your videos and feature viewers who have bought and are using your products. Include links to your store in video descriptions and utilize end screens and cards to drive sales.

Create Sponsored Content

Sponsored content allows you to partner with brands and earn money by promoting their products or services in your videos. As a YouTuber, if you have a large and engaged audience and create content that aligns with a brand’s target market, you can attract sponsorship opportunities. Here’s how you can create sponsored content:

  1. Find a brand to partner with: Identify brands that align with your niche and have products or services relevant to your audience. You can reach out to brands directly or sign up with influencer marketing platforms to connect with potential sponsors.
  2. Negotiate a deal: Once you find a brand that is interested in collaborating, negotiate the terms of your partnership. Discuss the scope of the collaboration, compensation, and any specific requirements or deliverables.
  3. Be transparent about sponsored content: It’s essential to disclose to your audience that the content is sponsored. Follow YouTube’s guidelines and be transparent about your partnership to maintain the trust of your viewers and comply with advertising regulations.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to make money on YouTube. By becoming an affiliate partner, you can earn a commission for promoting other brands’ products or services. Here’s how you can get started with affiliate marketing:

  1. Join an affiliate marketing program: Sign up for affiliate marketing platforms like ClickBank or Amazon’s Influencer Program. These platforms provide you with affiliate links that you can include in your video descriptions to track sales and earn commissions.
  2. Promote affiliate products in your videos: Create content around the products or services you are affiliated with and encourage your viewers to use your affiliate links when making purchases. Provide honest reviews, tutorials, or recommendations to generate interest and drive sales.

Crowdfund Your Next Creative Project

If you have a specific project or goal in mind, crowdfunding can be an excellent way to generate funds. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, produce a new series, or support a cause, here’s how you can crowdfund your next creative project:

  1. Choose a crowdfunding platform: Select a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or GoFundMe that aligns with your project’s objectives. Each platform has its own rules, guidelines, and fee structures, so research and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  2. Create a compelling campaign: Craft a compelling campaign page that clearly explains your project, its goals, and how the funds will be used. Use engaging visuals, videos, and rewards to entice potential backers to support your project.
  3. Promote your campaign: Spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign through your YouTube channel, social media platforms, and email newsletters. Engage with your audience and ask them to share the campaign with their networks.

License Your Content to the Media

If you have created viral or newsworthy content, you can license it to media outlets. News outlets, TV shows, and online publications often seek out compelling videos to feature in their content. Here’s how you can license your content:

  1. Keep your contact details updated: Make sure your contact information is readily available on your YouTube channel’s About page. This makes it easier for media outlets to reach out to you.
  2. Sign up with a video rights marketplace: Join video rights marketplaces like Jukin Media, where media outlets can browse and license your content. These platforms help you monetize your videos and connect with potential buyers.

Work with Brands as an Influencer

Brands are increasingly investing in influencer marketing to reach their target audience. As a YouTuber, you can collaborate with brands to create sponsored content and earn money. Here’s how you can work with brands as an influencer:

  • Build your brand and audience: Focus on growing your YouTube channel and building a loyal and engaged audience. Brands are more likely to partner with influencers who have a significant following and align with their target market.
  • Find brands to partner with: Reach out to brands directly or sign up with influencer marketing platforms like Crowdtap or Upfluence to find brand partnership opportunities. You can also create a pitch outlining your value proposition and approach brands with an offer.
  • Be transparent and authentic: Disclose any sponsored content to your audience and ensure that your collaborations align with your channel’s content and values. Authenticity is key in maintaining your audience’s trust and building long-term brand partnerships.


Making money on YouTube is a journey that requires dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking. By joining the YouTube Partner Program, selling merchandise, creating sponsored content, becoming an affiliate partner, crowdfunding, licensing your content, and working with brands as an influencer, you can unlock your channel’s earning potential.

Remember to consistently create engaging content, understand your audience, and optimize your videos for search engines to maximize your reach and revenue. So go ahead and start monetizing your YouTube channel today!

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