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NightCafe AI


Create mesmerizing art pieces with NightCafe, an online art generator utilizing artificial intelligence that uses any prompt provided by its users. The website offers user-friendly features, allowing individuals to design different styles of art effortlessly. Additionally, NightCafe has a platform for sharing and uploading created artwork among users.

Is NightCafe free?

Yes, NightCafe creator is free to use. NightCafe users enjoy creating artwork amidst amazing features without being charged a dime for it.

Here’s how it works: when you create a profile with NightCafe Creator you are awarded with five free credits to get you started on your art.

Each credit counts for one piece of art produced, so put your imagination to work and create something magical.

In addition, once a day at midnight (UTC time) – five more credits are added for free, offering you the opportunity to showcase your talent even more.

If in case you desire additional credits after using all of yours up, you can decide whether to purchase credits or earn them for free.

You can buy as little as $0.08 per credit from secure payment gateway options like PayPal Apple Pay, Shopify, VISA, Mastercard, Google Pay, and American Express.

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