YouTube Money Calculator

To use YouTube Money Calculator to get an estimated calculation of your revenue for a single video, simply set the number of views you get per day (or hope to get) and the CPM rates. If you don’t know your CPM, the tool will automatically select a typical range based on the number of views.

From here you can start to play around and see what the impact could be of a different number of views and different CPM range. Do keep in mind that these figures are estimated, and there are many factors that come into play to determine your final CPM rate.

If you want to go deeper into your research and discover how much money on YouTube a specific video could make, you can simply paste in the URL of the video you want to investigate, and the YouTube Money Calculator will show you the results. These will be presented as the number of total video views as well as the estimated earnings for that video based on typical CPM rates, making it a great resource to establish whether to monetize a video or not.

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